Lineage II Classic increases drop rates across the board

When will the loot drop

The design of Lineage II Classic is leaning all in for its hardcore designation, but there’s a different between “hardcore” and “outright frustrating.” So the latest update tries to lean more firmly on the former by making it easier to get stuff. Adena, item drops, and spoil rates have been increased across the board, with some monsters seeing up to 150% increases in drops. In short, stuff will drop now.

Several other issues are fixed with the patch, including certain text mistakenly citing experience loss at 10% instead of 4% and certain lower-than-intended monster XP yields in hunting areas. The game should still be as hardcore as ever, but it should now be hardcore in the way the designers intended rather than through bugs or just starving players of money accidentally. That’s a net positive for hardcore play.

You may recall that the game’s new classic server type launched just back on October 3rd; if you’re wondering what it looks like in action, check out MJ’s stream of the new classic server just below.

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