PlanetSide 2 hosts Nanite of the Living Dead event for Halloween


You can travel to another world, but even in PlanetSide 2 the dead of Halloween will chase you. Yes, it’s time to celebrate the best holiday in the shooter, and that starts with players finding pumpkins popping up all around the fields of Auraxis. Popping them will earn you seeds to spend on things like ghostly tire tracks, or they’ll just earn you the sensation of having shot at enemy drop pods, since all of those will be replaced with pumpkins during the event as well.

Players can also take on new directives for the season to unlock rewards like a special ecto-blaster, shooting your enemies with ectoplasmic goop (which is probably kind of rude, but it’s Halloween, you can get away with that). It’s Nanite of the Living Dead V: Seeds of Terror, but you’ll want to get all of your pumpkin antics out of your system by October 31st, as that’s when the event comes to a close. How spooky.


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