PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds addresses ongoing matchmaking problems

Such a compelling narrative of 'gun'

Matchmaking in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is, not to put too fine a point on it, completely screwed at the moment. The patch designed to improve queue times and matchmaking has failed to, well… do that. Apparently, the reason is that when the game’s patch attempted to match pings between players, there was an error in calculations, resulting in players being matched in wildly different regions from where they were playing and thus defeating the entire purpose. So that’s great.

A temporary fix has been rolled out to prevent players from being matched outside of their regions, which is a bandage for a larger fix meant to roll matchmaking into adjacent regions only when your matchmaking is taking a long time. The goal remains more or less the same, ensuring that players wind up in fights without excessive delay or connection troubles. Perhaps one of these various fixes will actually achieve that goal; the next stage of correction is planned to be patched in next week, with the announcement of same thanking players for their patience and understanding.


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This seems like a terrible time for them to be experiencing trouble, what with the new Call of Duty battle royale just released.