The Korean edition of Hyper Universe is shutting down on November 15

Not so hype.

When a Korean title shuts down in its home nation, players know that its time is probably limited over here as well. To be fair, nothing has yet been announced for Hyper Universe in the US, but it is going to shut down on November 15th in Korea. And it’s for reasons that will not exactly shock anyone; the game simply failed to gain enough traction for its spin on the MOBA formula, hence the shutdown just shy of its two-year anniversary.

What about the game here, however? Well, the game’s Steam chart paints a rather dismal picture with 32 players at its peak within the past 24 hours, so combine that with the news about the native version and you can likely divine the future. (To be fair, we don’t know how the game is doing on Xbox One, where it just received a major update.) Our condolences for the Korean players losing the game, but it seems likely North American players will not be far behind in that.

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