Defiance 2050’s Trouble in Paradise update delayed until further notice on Xbox One


The folks at Trion Worlds have announced a few small changes to the release schedule of Defiance 2050’s upcoming Trouble in Paradise update, and unfortunately, it’s not great news for players of the Xbox One version of the game. While the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will be receiving the update and the accompanying Crusader Class Pack on October 15th as previously announced, the update’s release for Xbox One has been “delayed until further notice.”

Also, European PS4 players may be interested to note that, although the Trouble in Paradise update will be coming on October 15th as planned, the Crusader Class Pack will not be available for purchase separately until October 17th in Europe, “though it will be available for players who have the Ultimate Class Pack or unlock the class through in-game means on October 15th.” Xbox One players, meanwhile, will just have to hang tight, as Trion says that it “will have more information on [the update’s] release on the platform as soon as possible.”

Source: Press Release

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“Trouble in Paradise”…




140 playing Saturday night.

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This update, if successful, might push their concurrency back into the dozens—maybe even scores—of players.

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Nobody could have ever predicted that Trion Worlds would have trouble with an expansion launch.