SoulWorker addresses PvP, login rewards, and the future of the game


Yesterday, the folks at GameForge posted a new Q&A video that was recorded during Gamescom 2018, in which SoulWorker Product Manager Noemi and Live Producer Merlin sat down to answer questions submitted by players in advance of the convention. The topics covered in the video are varied, ranging from specific questions about whether there are any plans to remove the game’s energy system (nope) and whether players can expect a new PvP system (yes, eventually) to broader, more open-ended questions such as how the devs feel about the future of SoulWorker.

In addition to the questions addressed in the video itself, the GameForge team has also included a text Q&A that answers a number of questions that were submitted after Gamescom’s conclusion. The answers reveal that players can expect the next class advancement for the character Lilly sometime this month, along with another class advancement and “the extension of the Grasscover Camp,” which will include “a new main quest from level 57-60 and additional districts,” sometime before the end of the year.

In addition, the Q&A addresses “the difference between the login rewards available in [GameForge’s Western] version compared to the regions JP and KR,” revealing that according to developer Lion Games, the current version is “considered less exploitable in comparison to the older version that other territories use.” As such, the Western version of the game will not be changed to match the JP and KR version, but instead, “Lion Games is planning to release a revamped system,” though there are not yet any details about what that will entail. For the full SoulWorker Q&A, you can scroll on below to watch the Gamescom video, or click on over to the game’s official site to check out the post in its entirety.

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