The Daily Grind: Has an MMO ever been ruined for you by the community?

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It’s funny, but I see many more people listing a game’s community as a bright side rather than a drawback. You would think it’d be both; communities are both good and bad, not one or the other, and a community can be a detriment to a game as much as a boon. But more often I see people say that game X has a great community than people admitting that, perhaps, the community in the game drives people away.

That’s not to say I never see it; people have frequently cited World of Warcraft’s community as a major mark against it. But today isn’t about asking you to evaluate your own game’s community, oh no. Today we’re asking you about your experience with other games. Has any MMO ever been ruined for you by the community? Has the community been so toxic and unwelcoming, either from the outside looking in or from your early experiences, that you left the game early on because you knew you weren’t going to be happy there?

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I dont bother with comms in any game except gw2. WvW commanders on my server are pretty calm. WoW I had some kid call me mentally retarded on my first raid. League of Legends not an mmo but so so toxic I had to quit. Its not like im a bad player, I tend to be low plat high gold. That group seems to attract the most a holes that think they are better than they are and the world is dragging them down. EsO just running Craglorn or whatever that power level dungeom it is I had multiple groups with babies squeeling in the background. Comms just ruin most games.


Only one MMO has ever not been ruined for me by its community, and that was City of Heroes.


Archeage. I enjoyed tending to my farms, decorating my houses and doing trade runs. I had to quit because I kept being PK’d while doing those things, and having my stuff stolen.


Yep, FFXIV. I don’t really get the reputation this game gets for being friendly and open. Each time I’ve tried to play, (and I’ve tried a lot), all I find are elitists, unfriendly clique guilds, and tons of creepers. Balmung was the worst when I tried transferring there due to the rumors of friendly and inclusive! But wow, the elitistism on Balmung was the worst I’ve ever seen in an MMO.

Bango on Laurelin

Rift. When I first played that game it was on the Argent server (pve rp) and the community was lovely. Then when I came back after a break, the servers had been merged, the game had gone f2p and suddenly the community was about as toxic as they come.


Yep, Rift really started to suck during the F2P conversion. A bunch of my guild had returned for Storm Legion (paying for the 12 month sub + “free” expansion deal) and it went F2P during the second half of that 12 months if I recall correctly. We got a lot of new members who hadn’t paid that really seemed to feel entitled… wanting to get carried on raids that our geared/experienced folks were having difficulty completing. It wasn’t too long after that I took a break. I’ve been back a few times since but it’s definitely not the community it used to be. A lot of that can be laid on Trion for decisions/direction made that alienated a lot of their core audience and encouraged us to find something else to play.


I thought that said company instead of community at first. What starting to laugh then I re-read it.

There are some games I won’t touch cause of the community. Either taking it way to serious or not serious enough.

Jiminy Smegit

A more pertinent question is “Have you ever played an MMO that was not ruined by the community?” because every MMO community I have dealt with (with maybe the exception of FFXIV) has been polluted with a fairly toxic playerbase. I usually have to search for a while to find a decent guild to shield myself from the other loons. Plenty of good people out there but they are a minority in my experience.

As an English guy who finds himself living in America now, I find it even worse now that everyone treats politics like dumb sports teams, thinking that their corporate sponsored political party is better than the other (hint : they are not, they are both run by their donors and dont care about you so please quit vomiting your nonsense into general chat). I play games to escape this kind of nonsense, the first thing I do in pretty much every game is work out how to disable the server/zone channels.

Tyler Collins

ha.. haha. Yeah, my “ex” girlfriend, League of Legends

Loyal Patron

Just my experience, but the more successful the game, the worse the community seems to be. This is especially true if the game is at all competitive.

I remember how EQ1 was in vanilla and the first two expansions pretty well. Chat was almost never trollish, people were friendly and often helpful. But that also could be because the PC gamers back then were full of nerds and geeks and little else. There were very few jocks & cool kids playing games back then. So I don’t know if that had something to do with the fact that people were a lot more social.

Of it’s just the change in popular culture now days; with kids growing up on the internet, shows becoming more violent (i know I sound really old by saying that), and just a general lack of common courtesy now days. It just seems like in the last 20 years people have gotten exponentially crueler IRL and online both.


Yes but not due to toxicity. I really enjoy FFXIV, but making friends in the game is so hard for me. People seem nice, but also very quiet and serious, which just isn’t my type. I’ve been on a few servers but it seems the same. I appreciate the open world casual activity kindness, but nobody ever “sticks”. It’s just this one game and I have no idea why!