Path of Exile gives players a mid-league update on what to expect after Delve

It deserves an award or something.

The latest Path of Exile league, Delve, is halfway done, and new things are on the horizon, so the folks at Grinding Gear Games stopped by the official forums recently to give players an update on what to expect in the near future. The post says that following last week’s patch 3.4.3e, “most of [the] intended significant changes to the league have now been deployed,” though players may still see some “small bug fix patches” between now and the league’s end.

The team’s main priority right now is working on the next major content update, 3.5.0, which is expected to launch on the first week of December. Players can expect to get more details about what the update will entail about three weeks before it goes live, but the update does state that it will be “slightly larger in size than Bestiary, Incursion or Delve.”

In addition, the post also says that the devs won’t be running Flashback or a similar event for the last month of the league, as has they have previously, as “player retention during Delve has been excellent” and they would rather players “be able to continue their progress in the existing league without having to weigh up whether or not they’d prefer to swap to an alternate event in parallel.” The team is, however, “working on something small that is separate to existing/future leagues,” which they may be able to talk about soon.