World of Warcraft streamer discusses the major problems with Battle for Azeroth

I don't know why Blizzard gave us the reaction image for this.

Whatever new expansion goodwill World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth had held is now gone, and YouTuber Asmongold opines that he’s never seen the feedback across all the possible venues for the game’s community be so uniformly negative. So what’s the problem? What’s going so wrong? There’s a lot to examine, but the core thesis (and the best takeaway in the video) is that the game has effectively traded the satisfaction of accomplishment for excitement. Through random drops, random upgrades to drops, and the lack of any progression with items and levels, you feel as if your real rewards are all subject to a pull of the slot machine.

Of course, the full half-hour video below covers more topics than that, and it also includes some opinions that are sure to raise hackles (his feeling that one of the flaws here is that there’s nothing to distinguish Mythic raiders from people who don’t raid and implying that non-raiders “aren’t even playing the game”) or just baffle (the suggestion of a new official forum for only good feedback), but there’s also genuinely good points within. It’s spawned an enormous and still-running Reddit thread that’s worth reading, as well. While you may disagree with some points or suggestions, the thesis is worth examination.

Source: YouTube via Reddit; thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!
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So he made a few good points. The Azerith system is just plain horrible. Getting items with the traits you need is a pita everything is rng. Trait balance is completely through the roof. The gap between good and bad traits is so high that more often than not you simply keep a lower ilevel item if it has a good trait over a higher ilevel item that don’t. It is also not clear what traits are good and what traits are garbage so you have to sim everything.

The Heart of Azeroth is just boring, it is only a stat and ilevel upgrade when it levels.

Class balance i also agree is messy right now but that imo is one of the easier fixes.

Regarding the lack of feeling of accomplishment i disagree with him. Asmon believes that a player should become more powerful for doing the hardest content. In pure pve games there would be no problem with that but in a game with pvp and where gear matters to an extent it would be a horrible idea .

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I got to 117 before i quit i could not bring myself to even hit level cap and grind away again.

Classic all the way, that’s the only thing i will resub for now.

Jake Boller

BFA is a massive disappointment to me. I’m unsubbed, and won’t be checking back in to modern WoW until the next expansion. I will however be playing Classic WoW, which I’m hoping launches early 2019.

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I think that azurite armor is a huge improvement over the legendary drops from Legion. It isn’t perfect and has room for improvement.
I feel that the bad experiences are come about from the regular receipt of azurite sidegrades. Legendary drops were infrequent and random enough for you almost forget about how punishing they were while still letting you play in the hope that you got a good item. Only once every couple of months did you get punished with a sub-par item which meant you’d be out-dpsed throughout the next tier by that drooling moron in your raid who got lucky with their BiS legendary items. Azurite gear is all over the place, giving you feel-bad side-grades two or three times a night.

Ben Stone

I think people are quick to forget how punishing it was not to have the BIS legendary for over half the expansion, when some offered 30-40% increase in damage / healing. Azerite gear can definitely be improved, and for some classes is kind of bland, but at least you wont be useless while you wait for that lucky drop.

I had alts sitting around in Legion waiting to get the right legendary before I would even consider playing them in high end content. And for some that didn’t happen til the final patch with the guaranteed legendaries.


Im one of those people who went through legion with just a single Legendary drop. On the other hand, all the upgrades in legion were upgrades whereas in BfA I will get raid drops that I cant use because of traits, and that I can’t trade to someone who WOULD use it because Blizzard won’t let you trade upgrades.

The Azerite system isn’t really an improvement, it just doesn’t have the same drawbacks as Legendaries. It’s kinda like comparing a cat turd and a dog turd and deciding which one you’d rather eat. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not have either.

jamie torch

Blizzard are the reverse alchemists of the gaming world they had something gold and turned it into lead .

Ben Stone

Nothing to distinguish them, except for much faster access to high level azurite gear? ….

M+ players have a very slight chance to get a single 385 piece a week. M+ raiders have all 3 spots covered by now.

Out of all the things that the game needs, treating M+ players and rated PvP players as second class citizens again is not one of them.

Also as far as criticism for the expansion goes, someone has a very short memory. We had exactly the same backlash at legendary availability at the start of Legion, which was only fixed right near the end. Yet that was considered to be a largely successful expansion.

If you want real criticism, look back to WoD, where everyone just left rather than whinging on the forums and social media. That’s real feedback.


The legendary backlash was a single feature. People are, and have been, bitching about pretty much everything added in this expansion pack. And in case you haven’t been paying attention people are leaving BfA in droves as well.

Ben Stone

The world is still extremely populated – PvP mode is busier than ever – and PvP queues and dungeon finder groups are as busy as they ever were in Legion. Noone in my guild has left. Definitely haven’t witnessed this mass exodus you are speaking of.

What else have people been complaining about? Islands? Those are getting upgrades, and since they upped the drop rate those have been super busy and are a good way to level characters. They typically pop within a minute, which is impressive for a feature everyone allegedly hates.

Other than that, what else is new for BFA? Anything they can complain about was a feature of Legion or the current game design, and they shouldn’t have expected a 180 on that.

Dungeons and raids are in a pretty good state compared to the launch state of Legion.

John Mynard

The issue with Azerite armor isn’t really how it’s handed out. The issue is that we sacrificed 3 items of power for about 12 trinkets. 12 trinkets which are almost always on and roughly equivalent to what we gave up. The issue is that they tried to replace two rather mature and robust systems with a single system that virtually every tester who took more than a 2-second look was broken as hell and needed more iteration. We’re still in Beta from a development standpoint and it’s silly.


This is what makes me excited for Vanilla WOW. I am not longer interested in whatever the latest grind mechanic is. I’ve quit the past 3 expansions a few months in, because its the same formula. While the lore grows progressively weaker. I came back on the tail end of legion, but I was right back out the door when the requirements for new races were released. Grind rep. Meh. Boring.


Alternative solution, the community would instantly improve if Assmo would shut the hell up.


maximizing profit > ingame accomplishment
nothing new here move along…