A bug in Destiny 2 hints about a return to Saturn in the future

Back again, etc.

You generally expect hints about future content in games to come via lore or teaser images, not through bugs. Yet a bug is hinting players will be returning to Saturn in Destiny 2, as players are reporting the loading screen for travel to Saturn (the site of Oryx’s Dreadnought in The Taken King from the original Destiny) popping up when doing other things, which wouldn’t be significant if not for the fact you cannot currently travel to Saturn’s environs in the game.

The obvious thought is that these could simply be re-used assets… but no, they’re at a higher graphical quality than the original and thus must be new. Could this be a hint of future DLC included with the season pass? Plans for another large expansion? A simple bug from something planned in the early stages of game development? We don’t know just yet. But keep your eyes on Saturn all the same.

Source: VG24/7

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Gingen | Guildmarm

My money is on it being related to the Cayde caches and Exo history with the Bray’s. Cayde, in lore and what his caches said while progressing ace of spades, said that the secret to the Deep Stone Crypt was on a moon of Saturn. God I hope we get to dive into that!!!