Defiance 2050 launches its Trouble In Paradise update along with the Crusader Pack

Stop, also collaborate and... oh, you know.

It’s officially time in Defiance 2050 to start smacking things with what is really a very large hammer. The latest update for the game is out, and that means the Crusader Pack is available for purchase. It’s ideal for anyone who really likes smacking things with a large hammer, or… well, all right, the hammer is really what’s being sold here, but it is quite a large hammer we’re talking about. Crusaders have hammers. It’s kind of their thing.

Of course, even if you have some hammer-based trauma in your past and would prefer to not wield a hammer, there’s other stuff in the Trouble In Paradise update itself. Stuff like taking down monstrous Hulkers for candy, collecting new Prototype items, facing off against different enemy groups, that sort of thing. Players are also receiving a special thank-you gift of 1000 Valor and a Duni Shetarru Racer vehicle, so that should be fun to play with on its own even if you’d prefer not to jump into combat with a hammer.

It should be noted that the game has had some crash issues and is being hotfixed early, so some elements of the update may still be a bit… wonky, let’s say.


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Does my car still explode the second I accidentally drift too close to an enemy, causing me to lose all my shields and armor? And then be immediately murdered by the pack of mobs my exploding car just attracted? Yes? The very same bug that plagued Defiance v1.0 for years? Well then, I guess I won’t be checking this out.

Trion’s a goddamn joke.

Kenji Takeda

i’m not sure what hapenned to trion post rift F2P era but damn , I will take EA games anytime over trion


Well having a Hammer almost offsets that inconvenience, who doesn’t like smashing things with a Hammer? Car blows up because of some defective safety measure beat it with a Hammer right?