Lord of the Rings Online’s Harvestmath Fest delayed ‘by a day or so’


Some mildly unfortunate news for Lord of the Rings Online players, as Standing Stone Games has announced that the game’s Autumn celebration, Harvestmath Fest, is going to be delayed “by a day or so” to allow the team to release “a necessary patch for this week.” The event was initially scheduled to begin today, October 16th, so players can probably expect it to arrive before the week is out. Don’t fret, though; the event will be extended to make up for the delay.

When Harvestmath does roll around, players can look forward to all sorts of spooky, seasonal festivities: They can venture beneath the Party Tree into the Haunted Burrow to “complete daily quests, uncover traps, and solve riddles inside a haunted Hobbit fun-house,” earning them fall festival tokens that can be exchanged for Harvestmath-themed rewards. And of course, there will be the usual array of festive games, like pumpkin-picking, apple-bobbing, and more. Hopefully the delay won’t be too severe, but SSG says it will keep players updated on the festival’s status.

The “necessary patch,” by the way, probably refers to the patch to fix the Grey Mountains instances, which were disabled yesterday as a result of an unspecified bug.

Source: Twitter