TERA’s Dark Reaches update is live with new dungeons and Apex skills


Following a not-so-unexpected delay, En Masse Entertainment has released TERA’s latest content update, Dark Reaches, and it brings with it new Apex skills for six of the game’s classes, two new high-level dungeons, and a streamlined UI, among other things. The highlight of the patch is the addition of Apex skills for the remaining six classes — Archer, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper, Sorcerer, and Valkyrie — which players can acquire after they’ve started the Velika Banquet quest of the Two Banquets questline.

In addition, players can now access two new dungeons, Dark Reach Citadel and the Grotto of Lost Souls. In Dark Reach Citadel, players will seek to “unmask the leader of the Red Raiders and Uncover a secret faction within their ranks, while the Grotto of Dark Souls will task players with defeating the leader of the Red Raiders and putting a stop to their nefarious schemes once and for all. These five-man dungeons are tuned for level-65 players, and they offer a variety of shiny rewards, including Stormcry Equipment Chests and “assorted crafting and enchanting materials.”

And in other TERA news, MMO Culture reports that Playwith SEA is planning to launch the game in Southeast Asia in November. So far, there’s no word if there will be any differences in content between the SEA and NA versions of the game.