Here’s how Overwatch’s Pink Mercy charity donations help fight breast cancer

Healing girl.

It seems fitting to have used Overwatch’s Mercy as the face of a charity for a medical cause, which happened earlier this year with the release of the pink Mercy skin sold to fund breast cancer research. So where did the money from that charity skin actually go? A new dispatch on the official site breaks down the targets of the funding given to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so you can feel like your pink skin actually did go somewhere specific.

Having raised a grand total of $12.7 million with the pink skins, the BCRF is focusing the funding in three major areas – funding 25 research grants, launching five new clinical trials, and fueling the Precision Prevention Initiative. All of these are good things you would expect to come out of what is apparently the single largest corporate donation in a single year for the BCRF. So wear your pink Mercy skin with pride, although any future charity skins might be a little more suspect. (One shudders to think what sort of research projects pink Moira would fund.)

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Huh, and I thought it was just a politically-correct justification for us to all just shamelessly stare at/think about tits (and for devs to implement “suspiciously-close-to-actual-Caucasian-flesh-tone-pink” outfits so the toons LOOK topless but “aren’t”…LOL

cf “pinkwashing”

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Nice. If this was Richard Garriot instead of Blizzard 90% would have gone to his personal bank account while the other 10% donated in his name as a tax write-off.