Final Fantasy XI prepares for the spooktacular Harvest Festival

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So, how do you manage to make things feel spooky in a game like Final Fantasy XI when you have an entire expansion about getting sucked through time into a demonic maw? Well, you don’t. But you still celebrate the spookiness with the annual Harvest Festival, which has arrived once more to delight anyone with a love for the macabre. It’s bringing back all of the old favorites, and when a game has been running this long it has accumulated a large number of different Halloween celebrations.

There are costume contests to enter, trick-or-treat processions to enjoy, ordinary citizens in costumes you can trade sweets to for special prizes, and more. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer to take part in all of the fun, as the harvest festival doesn’t start until October 24th. But that’s all right; you can wait just a little bit longer to enjoy the spooky parts of the festival, right?


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Daniel Miller

Actually, this is quite nice. This is more of a seasonal event than an update. But no more maintenance and the coverage of non update news. I feel young again.