Lord of the Rings Online’s Harvestmath Festival is live

Lord of the Rings Online’s Harvestmath Festival was briefly delayed, but now it’s live in Middle-earth, a Halloweeny capstone for last week’s Update 23 and just one more reason to dive into the Tolkien MMO.

“The Curse of the Eerie Acres reaches its conclusion: speak to Bingo by the Party Tree to begin the new quest chain (and replay last year’s quests if you would like to get caught up on the story). The enterprising hobbit Begonia Grubb is starting a new Harvestmath Festival tradition called Treats or Trickery! Look for her near the Haunted Burrow, in a housing neighborhood, or at the new festival location of Wistmead to learn more. There are also six additional quests to enjoy in Wistmead, as well as a new wheat maze and other activities! As always, new rewards are available, including a Black Cat pet, a new dress, a new Festival Mount, and more!”

There’s good news for dungeoneers, too, as Standing Stone has reactivated the Grey Mountains instances, which had been turned off earlier this week due to bugs; SSG now says drop rates have been improved and bosses have been buffed a tad too.

Source: Patch notes

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Bango on Laurelin

Seems like quite a few unintended changes made it to live too….