World of Warships patch 0.7.1 adds in Halloween submarines along with other tweaks

This... should be fine.

The spookiest possible thing in World of Warships is the submarine. We already learned quite a bit about these new nautical terrors in a preview of the game’s Halloween event, but now the event is here and players can sink beneath the waves to terrorize those above the waves. Take part in Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness, two special missions from previous years, along with the new Terror from the Deep to start enjoying everything submarines have to offer.

Submersion. That’s what they offer. Submarines go underwater, so they’re hard to see.

The update also includes all of the British Destroyers you could possibly want, with unique smoke screens and individual torpedo firing sequences. There’s a new Royal Navy event, to boot, so you can really put those ships into a fine rotation if you so desire. Add in a new format for ranked battles and the customary balance chances, and there’s plenty of neat stuff for players; you can check out all the meat of the patch in the video just below.


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