Conan Exiles adding Halloween event, offers free week on Xbox One


Do barbarians celebrate Halloween? They can if they are in Conan Exiles. Funcom announced its first spooky holiday event for the survival game, the Night of Lost Souls. But players will have to act quick to catch it: It plays out on All Hallows’ Eve itself. On that day, a blue dusk will take over and a skull moon will rise, as it seems will denizens of the dead.

Additionally, stones will fall from the sky in droves. This is how barbarians Trick-or-Treat! Inside these stones will be gobs of crafting materials, sometimes common and sometimes rare. Just like you don’t know which house offers the best treats, you won’t know which stone offers the best goodies. The stones also contain potions of lost souls that will offer random benefits — as long as you do not drink too many!

Xbox One players get a treat early: Starting today and going to October 24th, players can check out Conan Exiles for free on the console. That gives folks a chance to see the new pet system, Jhebbal Sag religion, and new dungeon on top of all the other content. However, after the 24th the free time expires, so to participate in the Halloween event you’d need to buy the game.


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