H1Z1 brings tricks and treats with Hauntfest event


As H1Z1 players await the beginning of season 2 in November, the folks at Daybreak Games are bringing a haunting holiday celebration for all players to enjoy. During Hauntfest, which will run from October 23rd until November 6th, all players will gain access to the Hauntfest Event Pass. By completing challenges and increasing their season levels, players can rise through the event pass tiers to earn Treat Crates, which contain a variety of seasonal rewards, such as event pass medals, credits, or the new Dead Man’s Chest, which contains a variety of Halloween-themed cosmetics.

For the duration of the event, players will also have access to the unique new Hauntfest arcade mode gametype. In this solo game mode, players will find piles of candy scattered throughout the map. Eating this mysterious ground-candy will give players a sugar rush, increasing their movement speed and providing them with a bit of health regeneration. But players will have to watch their sugar intake, as the sugar rush “can also cause tunnel vision.” In addition, players will be able to find Treat Crates throughout the Hauntfest map, providing them with even more chances to get their hands on the holiday rewards. For the full details on the Hauntfest event, check out the official announcement on the game’s site.


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