Kritika Online Awakens the Valkyrie alongside its Halloween update

Oh, cool.

Halloween has arrived in Kritika Online, but that’s only part of what the game’s newest update has to offer. Sure, everyone who likes having new challenges to undertake in the game will be happy to see the new Halloween decorations and the challenges associated with them, but in the longer term things like another Valkyrie awakening will probably have a bigger impact on your gameplay. Yes, that’s right, a second Awakening for the Valkyrie.

There’s also a new Danger Zone in the Steelbone Shipyard and another five floors to the Arena, maxing out at 75. Players can also explore the new Secret Warehouse Ultimate Zone, which has gotten more difficulty stages added from its initial testing state to encourage more player levels to challenge it. Check out the full patch notes for all of the changes, or just watch the trailer below if you’d prefer a very light overview accompanied by wailing guitar.


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Ah, I see the Valkyrie comes with +5 Armor of Distraction.

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Sometimes less is more? >.>