New mobile MMO Ember Sword is another cryptocurrency game


Indie developer So Couch Studios is aiming to meld MMORPGs and cryptocurrency in its upcoming Android game Ember Sword. Billed as “the Blockchain MMORPG,” Ember Sword is “powered by the Ethereum blockchain,” and it allows players to “acquire tokenized cosmetics through gameplay, which they can then trade and sell for PIXEL,” which is both an in-game currency that can be used to buy items and land as well as an actual cryptocurrency that can be used as payment “on some 3rd party websites.”

Ember Sword also plans to provide a platform on which artists can create models, skins, and emotes that can be bought, sold, and traded in game, with compensation for their works provided through the same PIXEL currency. The devs haven’t announced an official release date yet, but there is a short teaser trailer for the game, which you can check out just below.

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