Path of Exile takes a look at the statistics of class picks for Delve league

Who's down here?

You may not think of yourself as a particularly dedicated fan of the Delve league in Path of Exile, but the class breakdown for participants in that league are still worth caring about. Why? Well, the breakdown specifically shows off how well class balance is working out; the closer the most popular picks are to the least popular picks, the more general balance is working out well. And now you can take a look at all of the stats with the latest dispatch from the development team.

One of the interesting tidbits on display is the fact that at deeper Delve levels, the breakdown of what people are playing remains very similar to what’s being played in the hardcore versions of the League; in other words, below a certain point “not dying” is the most valuable trait even if death doesn’t kill your character for good. There’s also a much smaller gap between the most popular and least popular picks in the broadest categories, and while the Elementalist and Juggernaut enjoy their across-the-board popularity they drop in ratings as the versions get more challenging. Check out the full stat breakdowns for more.

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Lost some steam with this one. I mostly want to do Delve content, but having to go back to do Map content I’ve done repeatedly really kinda ruins the fun of it. Feels like I have to do chores so I can do the things I want to do, which is exactly the opposite of what I want out of the things I want to do.

Bryan Correll

Hmmmm. I guess I backed the wrong horse with my Inquisitor.

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If you are having fun then no you didn’t :-)