PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers matchmaking compensation in the form of a hat with headphones

Planet of hates.

So PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has had a wee bit of an issue with its matchmaking lately, but here’s the good news: The development team is sorry. And it’s expressing that sorrow by giving players something for free, specifically a black beanie cap with headphones. That fixes everything, right? (They’ll throw in an extra 20,000 BP just for you.) The hope is that it’s enough, and you need to log in by October 23rd to claim it. Because nothing says connection troubles like… headphone hats, or something.

In less apologetic news, the game’s latest update is now available for testing on the game’s test server, featuring the new Skorpion automatic pistol, visual display improvements, and the new War Mode: Conquest map type to pit teams of 50 against one another for control of a map. You can try that out now if you’re willing to let bygones be bygones about the whole matchmaking issue.


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