Dauntless introduces a new behemoth, the Riftstalker


Something wicked Dauntless’s way comes. This year’s Dark Harvest has just gotten a whole lot darker with the arrival of a brand-new behemoth, the Riftstalker, to Phoenix Labs’s monster-slaying MMO. Part bat, part cat, all menacing darkness, the Riftstalker seems to have been summoned forth by some eldritch ritual, and it falls to Dauntless’s slayers to send it back to the void whence it came.

But doing so won’t be a simple task, as the Riftstalker has some sinister tricks up its proverbial sleeves. True to its name, the Riftstalker can move through the aether by way of umbral rifts, allowing it to strike from anywhere at any time. But slayers aren’t safe in the corporeal plane either, as the Riftstalker can drag them through its umbral rifts and engage them on its home turf in the shadowy dimension from which it crawled. Players will need skill and cunning to outwit and outfight the Riftstalker, but those who succeed will be able to harvest its parts to make into brand-new armor and weapons. For the full details on Dauntless’s newest arrival, you can check out the announcement on the game’s official site.

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