Funcom allowed a fan to publish and sell a novel based on the Secret World franchise


Here’s one for the warm fuzzies bin: MOP reader Ocho (@BigMikeyOcho) of Casual Aggro and Beyond the Veil was first to cover the fact that Funcom apparently gave a Secret World Legends fan the go-ahead to write – and publish and sell – a novel based on the franchise.

“There are a lot of companies that will fight to’protect’ their IP,” Ocho wrote. “But then there’s [Funcom] over here, who when asked if a fan could publish and sell a [Secret World Legends] novel on Amazon, gave her the green light. Hey big IPs: Your fans are not the enemy.”

The book’s called To Sir, with Love: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World, by Amber “Blodwedd Mallory” McKee, and it’s three bucks for your Kindle, so not gonna break the bank there if you’re angling for something spooky and MMOsy to read over Halloween.

Funcom’s racking up extra goodwill this week from audiophiles too, as it’s posted online all of the Old Time Radio shows used in The Broadcast.

And by the way, the studio is hiring, at least if you’re game to move to Norway. I have a guildie in Oslo and he says it’s lovely if cold!

Source: Beyond the Veil via Ocho
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