MapleStory 2 invites players to visit a totally-not-haunted hotel for Halloween, celebrates 1M registered players

This looks pleasant.

Although the folks at Nexon are probably still recuperating after the launch of MapleStory 2 — which has already garnered over a million account downloads within its first week, according to a recent press release — they’re certainly not resting on their laurels, as this week heralds the arrival of the game’s Halloween events. Until November 8th, MapleStory 2 players can take part in a smorgasbord of Halloween-themed quests and activities and earn spooky cosmetics, housing items, pets, and more.

[AL:MS2]The centerpiece of the Halloween festivities is a new questline “made specifically for the new global service.” Focusing on the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel, which is definitely a totally normal, not-haunted hotel that definitely doesn’t have a dark past or mysterious secrets for players to uncover. Completing the Mystery of Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel story will earn players a bunch of cosmetic rewards, and it will also unlock access to a set of limited-time daily quests and the Stamp Collection event, through which players can earn bonus rewards, such as “Pumpkin Coins, a special event-only outfit and the Love Tornado Box, containing your choice of one of three special mounts.”

Over the course of the event, players will also be able to collect Pumpkin Coins, which can be exchanged at the special Halloween-event shop for seasonal items including housing decorations, masks, and a skeletal horse-and-cart pet. And last, but certainly not least, players will also be able to take on a quest to earn an adorable bat-pumpkin pet called Pumky, which players will have to nurture to help it grow by feeding it pumpkin pie, which seems… questionable, but hey. For all the details on how to participate MapleStory 2’s Halloween events, check out the official announcement on the game’s site.

Source: Official Site, Press Release
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