Nexon is sunsetting Hyper Universe’s western PC version now too, but the XBox One version will continue


A week ago, Nexon announced that it was shutting down its MOBA Hyper Universe in Korea, citing poor player turnout. At the time, we noted that the Western version wasn’t in much better shape, with poor turnout on Steam, and we suspected a sunset here wouldn’t be far behind. Unfortunately, that guess was partially correct, as Nexon announced today that the PC version of the game is a goner.

“We’re saddened to inform you that after a year of service, we will be discontinuing Hyper Universe on PC starting December 19, 2018. This was not an easy decision to make; we’ve worked hard to make this game as great as it could possibly be, and have poured our hearts into building out this unique cast of lovable characters. We’re incredibly grateful to our fans for playing—none of this would have been possible without you.”

It looks like the cash shop will close on PC by November 15th, with the servers themselves coming to an end on December 19th. The game will be playable until then, as will rank mode, though rewards and updates are over. Players who bought items through the cash shop from August 18th to today can apply for a full refund in Nexon’s game currency.

Good news for Xbox players, however: Nexon says your version of the game will keep on keepin’ on.

Our condolences to the players and devs affected by the closure.

Source: Nexon

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But with no new content being made for the game, do XBox players really care that it’s continuing on their platform for now? I guess if you just are getting free enjoyment out of it briefly, it doesn’t matter.

It’s hard to play a game you know is doomed, doesn’t have story to enjoy and take in, and doesn’t have new content coming.

I certainly wouldn’t want to spend any money on it even if I did still play. Is the Cash Shop still open for it?

Bruno Brito

Fun game. Not fun enough to warrant continuous playing.


After I saw it – sidescrolling MOBA, I knew it won’t last long.


I don’t see anything wrong with that concept in itself. Lots of people really enjoy side-scrollers.

I didn’t play the game because I don’t care for MOBAs, but I think it suffered from a poor release time for one. It came out when the juggernaut Fortnite was picking up the vast majority of the PvP players. Maybe if it had come out a few years earlier or a few years later it may have done better.

Again, I didn’t play – so I don’t know if the game had other problems or issues that would have caused it to fail. That was some bad release timing however even if it wasn’t on purpose (the game was being prepared for release just before Fortnite opened up it’s Battle Royale mode I’m guessing).


And lots of people don’t. They are too limiting and niche. If they did a 3rd person moba like SMITE, but with different controls, I’d probably play it even if I don’t play MOBAs. But this was bound of failure. I doubt the Korean version shut down because of P2W. Asians don’t care about that, they play games for the gameplay and if gameplay sucked, it wouldn’t stand a chance even in its home country, let alone the West.

I’m not some sort of MMO genius, but I’ve played so many of them that now I just need to look at one for 2 minutes and determine with 80% accuracy if the game will fail or succeed.