Warframe announces Day of the Dead event festivities


The Day of the Dead has come to Digital Extremes’s space-ninja shooter Warframe, and it brings with it a slew of suitably spooky skins and cosmetics as well as a limited-time tactical alert. Until November 1st, Warframe players can get their hands on all previous Day of the Dead skins and bundles in the in-game shop, and they can also grab the Dullahan mask and Halloween Color Picker in the market for only one credit each. In addition, starting on October 19th, players can take part in the Hallowed Nightmares tactical alert. Completing both stages of the alert will reward players with the Day of the Dead Sigil and a brand-new skin for the Dread Bow.

In other news, Warframe players who subscribe to Twitch Prime can get their hands on a new Twitch Prime gear bundle, which comes with the Vectis Prime sniper rifle, the Fang Prime dual daggers, and the Spektaka Sugatra cosmetic item. And players who are looking forward to the upcoming new Warframe Garuda, which was first revealed at this year’s Tennocon, will want to plan on catching the next Warframe devstream this Friday, October 19th, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The stream will be giving players their first look at Garuda as well as visiting Orb Vallis, and the devs will also be giving away three 1,000-platinum prize packs plus a Chrome Prime Access Pack during the stream.

Source: Official site, 2, 3. Cheers, Sophiskiai!
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