WildStar is now celebrating its last-ever Shade’s End Halloween event


Although its imminent sunset looms, WildStar is still getting into the Halloween spirit by bringing Shade’s Eve back one last time. From October 19th until November 2nd, players can gather together to celebrate the spookiest holiday on the planet Nexus and earn ghoulish rewards for doing so.

Although the official announcement post skimps on the specifics, it’s probably safe to assume that this year’s Shade’s Eve will herald the return of most of the activities from previous iterations of the event. Players will almost certainly venture once more into the eerie settlement of Quiet Downs, where the kindly townsfolk harbor a dark secret, and we’re sure there will be plenty of seasonal housing decor and other rewards to earn as well. Although the occasion may feel somewhat bittersweet, Shade’s Eve is as good an excuse as any to jump into the game and party like it’s the end of the world, ’cause it basically is.

Here’s our look at the festival from a couple of years back:


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Always sad when a game closes :(


So long & Thanks for all the fish.