Elder Scrolls Online’s #OurElderScrolls sweepstakes includes a trip to E3 2019


Some of the best stories in MMOs aren’t the ones that are written by the developers, but the ones that are created by the players who inhabit their virtual worlds, forge friendships, and band together to triumph over the challenges in their paths. The folks at ZeniMax Online Studios recognize this, and that’s why they’re hosting the #OurElderScrolls event, in which players are invited to share their Elder Scrolls Online stories with the world.

The #OurElderScrolls event encompasses a variety of activities. In addition to sharing their stories, players will also be able to take part in four in-game events and enter a sweepstakes contest for a chance to win a trip to E3 2019. It’s free to enter, and it’s as simple as filling out the entry form on the official contest website, but players can also earn one bonus entry into the drawing for each Indrik Feather they acquire in-game during the event period, up to a maximum of eight entries. To read the full rules and enter the contest, and to see everything else that ZeniMax has in store for players during the #OurElderScrolls celebration, check out the official announcement on the game’s site.

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