Sea of Thieves offers a prop for anyone who writes some piratical graffiti

Thee of Sieves.

The sets for every single Sea of Thieves video update are elaborate to the point of almost being unnecessarily so; you get the sense that the developers are telling themselves that if this video game thing doesn’t work out, maybe they could make a new film because they’ve got all the props. So, would you like one of the props? Then vandalize a table.

No, wait, don’t… don’t vandalize a random table. A specific one. Let’s try again.

The table up in that header image? The developers want you to scrawl some pirate graffiti upon it. (There’s a larger version linked in the tweet below, don’t worry.) Pictures, words, both, all are fine; just keep the whole thing rated appropriately for public consumption. The winning entry will be chosen on Monday and will win one of the note props stabbed during the video, so get your captioning muscles ready! (And there isn’t yet an entry of “let’s go steal some stuff we don’t have,” which would be accurate. Just saying.)

Source: Twitter