The Daily Grind: Do you use Steam for MMOs?

No, you can't be quite this evil.

Steam took a hold of my PC lifestyle so gradually I barely knew it was happening. I installed it when a friend bought me The Orange Box as a birthday present, and then it started getting more of the games I wanted on it… and the next thing I knew I would frequently ignore console releases because hey, I could just buy the game and run it through Steam, which meant less fussing around with consoles. My favorite element of consoles (just popping the game in and running it without a problem) had slowly been eroded by hardware requirements.

But that’s just for single-player titles. For MMOs? Steam has never been my port of call. Having Final Fantasy XIV on Steam seems odd to me, and that’s not counting the many games I played off of Steam for so long that I don’t even think of them being on the platform (I still have my Star Trek Online launch box).

There’s definitely a positive element to having all of these MMOs in one place, of course, and I suspect I may be an outlier rather than the default. So let’s ask about that. Do you use Steam as a platform for MMOs? Or is it there for single-player games or nothing at all on your computer?

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All the time. In fact I want to transfer my main Eve Online char to steam so I can sub though Steam.

Kevin McCaughey

It all started with me with “The Orange Box” too! :) I now have over 700 games and have played less than half of them, which is a testament to the Steam Sale ;) I prefer to use it for MMO’s alongside SteamTool so I can manage whether an MMO is on SSD at any particular time and being able to swap it over.


For MMOs I dont see a reason why to use, since it just run the launcher where I still have to use my MMO login info to play… if I could just hit play on steam and go into my characters screen, like with or GW2 launcher, then I could use it for convenience.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Steam doesn’t add much of anything to any of the MMOs I have played. (And it is detrimental it you play EVE Online, as your account is locked into Steam and you have to do all purchases for that account through Steam.) I would rather the MMO in question get all of the money I spend on it rather than having to give Valve a cut for basically very little practical benefit.


yes to let my friends know what game I am playing and to jump in the water is warm. If I am worried about the overhead I will make a stub and call it the name of the game I am in, just to announce that I am playing that game without steam hogging any game resources (usually something like cli).

Kickstarter Donor

Generally for F2P titles available through it, yeah. Just makes it easier since that’s where most of my games are anyways. Other than that, I don’t really care – if I get it off Steam first I’ll stick with it there, and if it’s a paid MMO I’ll get it wherever there’s a good deal.

Hikari Kenzaki

I stayed away from Steam for a long time. It wasn’t until I bought GTA5 that I actually installed it.

Some MMOs integrate into Steam well. Direct purchasing, automatic updates, friends connections, etc. Those, of course they’re good.

Some can only be bought on Steam. So… easy call there.

Many are just the place you pay for it and then it launches its own client and it doesn’t really matter and now you’re logged into TWO platforms at once. For games like this, it comes down to price. I almost always look up if the game has a direct client or not before downloading on steam.

And of course, I’ve been sucked down the Steam deals rabbit hole and that has increased my use of steam.

Honestly, the thing that has been annoying me more lately is every other company trying to make their own Steam. I understand the business rationale of not being beholden to a third party platform, but we don’t need more fracturing. We get enough of that from Sony…


If said game is Steam-exclusive I would, otherwise I’d prefer the non-Steam version.

Some games have a separate Steam account, like Villagers & Heroes. You can use your non-Steam account on Android and PC, but your Steam account is only for Steam. And you can’t connect them.

Same is for Warface, which is an FPS – you have a Steam account and a non-Steam, but you can’t connect them or anything, pretty bothersome.


Only the orginal Defiance, Tree of Savior. And Defiance even took you off the platform after you ran it. Sadly most MMO these day that use steam link you account to steam and make it so you can only pay for stuff in game though your steam wallet etc. Unless forced to I always got straight to the game site for MMOs

Fervor Bliss

Only twice the original defiance and BDO. I think they had a limited time deal.
I always think Steam is going to shut down, so I never buy anything I really care about through them.