Camelot Unchained teases its new crafting UI, Viking armor, and rubble technology


Crafting UI! That’s the highlight of Camelot Unchained’s latest weekly update, at least for me, as the Vox Magus slowly takes shape. “In previous updates, we’ve shown bits and pieces of the work that went into it,” City State Entertainment’s Mark Jacobs says, but the handful of new images show the latest revisions “pending testing.”

Jacobs also says the team has been running daily test exercises for server stability and new event system, with other work focusing on the status system, character animations and the Characters 2.0 mechanics, audio bugs, Viking armor art, and… rubble.

“One of the last core components of the rubble technology is ‘physicalization’ of separate pieces. This has been Andrew’s focus, and it should land soon. This will finally give us the ability to have chunks of buildings fall when their supports are destroyed!”

Some of the new images and the Q&A video with Jacobs back on the set are below.


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It warms my heart that each update I read focuses on solidly built components that I suspect will hold up over time better than most game code/engines. Keep on keeping on.

Does anyone do a 20-30 minutes or less semi-detailed recap of the week in CU? The sheer amount of information is difficult to keep up with some weeks, but something between the forums+streams and MOP recap articles would be awesome.

Brown Jenkin

Meh regarding the armor, whatever, but that interface looks great!

Mark Jacobs

Thanks! It’s getting there, just like the rest of the game, slowly but surely. :)

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Dean Greenhoe

Sweet armor. Vox interface looking good.

Mark Jacobs

Thanks. The art team is moving along well as is engineering. We’re almost done with our integration of Coherent (yay!) and that means that the 64bit client isn’t far behind.

They say slow and steady wins the race but man, it’s hell on the nerves. :)