PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is introducing Halloween skin sets for a large amount of money

This is unpleasant on many levels, and none of them are the obvious levels.

Halloween is almost here, and in order to celebrate, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is letting you dress up in all sorts of horror movie costumes. Assuming you pay for them, anyhow. Yes, it’s “letting” you once you drop $25 on a given costume in total; each piece is sold individually, so you’ll need to decide for yourself if evil clown shoes are worth $5 all on their own.

Players are rather upset about this for some reason, possibly because the game already has a box price, offers no way to get these skins via BP, and also is charging a lot for each individual piece without any way to even bundle the items. All of which are actually good reasons to be upset. There are some additional skins and such that have been mined out alongside the Halloween ones, but you will have to determine for yourself if the right to dress up as Pennywise With A Shotgun is worth $25 on its own.

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Source: YouTube, Reddit (1, 2); thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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Everyone says they don’t want P2W items in cash shops; only cosmetic items. And then they are going to complain about cosmetic items? Yes, they are expensive, but at least you are being given the option of only buying part for $5. I prefer it that way in BDO. Whole costume costs a lot, but I can buy that perfect pair of boots for $5. Just my 2 cents.

Nathan Aldana

“geez guys, at least its not pay 2 win, you should thank weyland-yutani for your 300 dollar cosmetic scarf dlc in their new VR game”


Justification? a) games are expensive to make!; b) it’s all about giving players a choice; c) …. ?! Or do they just no longer even bother to hide their greed.