Star Trek Online lays out its plans for the rest of the year and the start of the next

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The year is not quite over, but Star Trek Online is already thinking about the end of this year and the start of the next. That’s evident from the posting of the game’s roadmap through May of next year, outlining future updates and events for both console versions of the game and the main PC version. So if you’re a console player, you don’t need to wait much longer for Age of Discovery, which will arrive on consoles in November while PC players get to take part in the Battle at the Binary Stars.

Meanwhile, part two of Age of Discovery will arrive for PC players in January, part 3 in May, and the new Personal Endeavors system arrives in March. Console players will be lagging a little bit behind, but there are new events planned intermittently that will attract both console captains and desktop captains to help assuage any irritation. Check out the full schedule if you’re curious about the shape of what’s on the horizon, and keep your eyes open for more details as the relevant dates approach. There’s going to be more on the development livestream at 7 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, so that might answer some questions right then.


Source: Official Site; thanks to Ken for the tip!

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Well, they did say that the Discovery-flavored content would be releasing over time, instead of all at once, so that accounts for a lot of the roadmap.

I’m interested in the Personal Endeavor system, and how that mechanic will shake out in actual play.

The only thing which isn’t thrilling me is the Winter Wonderland event — don’t get me wrong, it’s usually a fair bit of goofy fun as Q brings his own peculiar perspective to bear on winter fun and games — it’s that I’ve done all the seasonal events in Star Trek Online so many, many times now, I tend to skip them these days. It’s just event burnout on my part.

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I quite enjoyed the first bit of the Discovery stuff and was disappointed that it ended so quickly. So I am happy to see that it will continue on in a little while and I am sure I will pop back again when it does.