Black Desert clarifies that the Archer isn’t launching alongside the Drieghan expansion


Don’t get your hopes up about playing the Archer in Black Desert anytime soon – the new class isn’t launching with Drieghan.

“We found out that some articles on the web could have been misleading regarding the release of the new content,” Kakao wrote on its forums earlier today. “Therefore we would like to clarify that the new class ‘Archer’ will not be released together with Drieghan on 14th November. Please tune in to TwitchCon 2018 this week for more information regarding the Archer class. We apologize for the little confusion caused by the articles and hope you will enjoy the new exciting content with our beloved community!”

(We’re going to assume the confusion was initially sparked by Kakao’s TwitchCon own press release earlier this month, which was worded and punctuated such that it was completely possible to assume they were launching together. “Aside from checking out the Archer class, players will also be able to experience the brand new Drieghan expansion which is set to launch on November 14,” it said.)

So what is coming in the expansion? YouTuber Potion Shop has a new video up with overviews ahead of the con; western players can expect a new city, the Dragon Slayer awakening weapon, more grind spots, and new bosses.


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Dreighan remains mostly a dud over all. New world boss and that’s pretty much it with a few tid bits here and there but nothing really interesting. The big update for it really comes with Lifeskill Mastery that’s now being fully fleshed out still in KR 6 months later so not something we’ll likely see in 2018.

Male Archer has been a long requested class and that’s pretty cool of them to finally get around to making it. The ranged pre awakening and ranged post Awakening (datamined and concept art found) should be interesting to see in action. The fact it’s translated and will be at Twitch Con for the first time ahead of KR means we might even see it here in 2018 in both regions.

Hikari Kenzaki

Not that I play many male characters, but… sad.

*goes off to enlist Paula Cole to sing “Where have all the elfboys gone?”*