Blade & Soul tweaks its Blade & Ghoul Halloween event based on feedback


So, let’s take stock. The bad news about the upcoming changes to Blade & Soul’s Blade & Ghoul event is that “soul” and “ghoul” are still not homophones unless you really don’t know how to pronounce one or both of those words. That’s not changing. The good news is… well, pretty much everything else, as the update is addressing player issues starting by making the Demonic Master Warlock and Demonic Subjugator have 100% drop rates for Thriller Coins.

Players will also see fewer players per channel in the Zaiwei Ruins, and less damage will be needed to receive credit and contribution rewards for smacking bosses in the ruins. Player reaction has been largely positive, although thus far the reaction is based on notes rather than experience, as the changes are slated to go live on Wednesday, October 24th. So let’s hear it for Halloween event improvements!


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I guess I’m one of those guys. You know the ones. The ones that break the curve. That don’t believe there is a problem. That played by the “unfair” rules and won anyway.

Yup. I have had no issues with the drop rates or anything else during the Halloween event. Many players complained that it was too much to farm. It was too hard, and they weren’t getting credit for boss kills. Me? I just bought the premium outfit for 75 Thriller coins. And I’m about to get another one.

The event works just fine for me. Yeah, you have to farm a little but since when is that new?

Here I am in my swanky new outfit reward. Guess I’m a leet player, huh. Lol


Can you buy a Lyn Warden class with those?

“I am detecting a note of impatience with this persistent line of questioning , Uta”

…that’s because I really want to roll one! >.<


Heh. No. You can get the outfit though. Might look good on a future Lyn Warden.