Elder Scrolls Online’s Murkmire DLC and Update 20 are live


Hope you’ve got a good pair of galoshes handy, ’cause things just got real swampy in The Elder Scrolls Online, where the Murkmire DLC content and the free Update 20 are live and playable on PC (console players will be waiting until November 6th).

ESO subbers and purchasers of the DLC players can now delve deep into the treacherous bogs of Black Marsh, where they’ll be able to explore the homeland of the Argonian race and uncover the secrets of the enigmatic Hist. In addition to expanding the game’s world, the DLC also adds a new main questline in which players will be tasked with seeking out a powerful Argonian relic and, presumably, prevent some dire threat to the safety of the world in the process.

It also introduces the Blackrose Prison arena, in which groups of four players will have to delve into the prison, which has been overtaken by a variety of nefarious enemies — including some particularly nasty Argonians known as the Blackguards — in order to rescue their ally Seeks-the-Dark. They’ll have to square off against five rounds of enemies to succeed in their mission, but should they come out on top, they’ll be rewarded handsomely for the trouble.

If the DLC isn’t for you, you’re still getting plenty out of the free part of this week’s launch; Update 20 tweaks housing editor, the character selection screen, class balancing, and music boxes.

Get caught up on all our coverage of the DLC and update to date!

Source: Twitter
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