Neverwinter teases Heart of Fire module with new video as the Masquerade of Liars returns


On November 6th, Neverwinter players will be invited to join the totally legit and not-at-all questionable company of Acquisitions Inc. on a delightfully absurd romp through Faerun in the new Heart of Fire adventure, which has been penned in collaboration with Penny Arcade’s own Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, and Amy Falcone. To get players hyped for the update, Perfect World Entertainment has released a new video, in which Lead Designer Thomas Foss gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating Heart of Fire, in addition to a new post that lays out some of the many fabulous rewards players will be able to earn by completing the adventure.

Moreover, with Halloween just around the corner in the real world, the land of Faerun is welcoming the Masquerade of Liars, a seasonal in-game event that begins on October 23rd and runs until November 6th. As part of this year’s festivities, players will be able to take part in a variety of activities, such as new daily quests, which will reward players with Masquerade Tokens that can be exchanged for a smorgasbord of spooky prizes.

And new to this year’s Masquerade is the Contest of Liars, in which players can pledge themselves to one of three teams that are vying against one another to amass the largest hoard of treats. At the end of the contest, the team with the most treats in its stockpile will be declared the victor, and all members of that team will receive some nice treats of their own. You can check out all the details about the Masquerade of Liars — and check out all the rewards to be earned from participating in it — over at the game’s official site.

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