It looks like Trove’s community manager survived Trion’s Gamigo buyout as Halloween goes live


Halloween is upon voxelbox Trove as Shadow’s Eve has gone live. This year’s event offers multiple activities, as players collect shadowy seals, complete Pumpkin Lairs, and crafts lockboxes. And don’t skip the easy dungeons: “When completing a 1-Star Dungeon, Todstrom has a chance to appear instead of a reward chest. Defeat him for an extra treat – Candy Corn and a rare chance at a Mobile Mummy mount!” We streamed the events last night, so give that a peek if you’re curious.

The fact that the event went live as planned threw some players for a loop. Given the knowledge that Trion Worlds was just bought out by German games publisher Gamigo and that the vast majority of Trion’s employees were let go in the process, players are understandably concerned about the state of the game. One prominent Trove streamer points out that even though Trove was likely Trion’s top performer (seriously), that’s no guarantee that Gamigo will actually keep developing it at all, let alone follow Trion’s plans for the next stage of Geode.

Worth pointing out is that Trove Community Manager Fasti has posted that he is indeed one of the few employees still remaining at Trion and working on the team for Trove. “Hey there! I’m the Community Manager for Trove (since before launch),” he tweeted. “I’m still on the Trove team and posting our social messages. The event is live and awesome, so we hope you’ll check it out!” Generally, the community team is the first to be stripped from a struggling studio, usually hastening its demise, so this is unusual indeed.


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