Project Gorgon delivers both Halloween and a patch in one fell swoop


Something twisted and sinister is slithering through the lands of Project Gorgon — and it is up to you to find it, fight it, or join it. Hey, we’re not here to tell you how to spend your Halloween in the game, just know that you have options thanks to the recent update that triggered the event.

“[The] Halloween event is going strong!” the team said on Twitter. “Lots of weird stuff to find, like masquerade masks (and tailoring recipes to make them!), pumpkin bombs, eyeball soup, those adorable (not really) clapping cymbal-monkey dolls…”

Eyeball soup! Bet that gives you a great bonus to vision.

The October 18th update monkeyed around with optimization (which may result in better or worse performance, depending), rejiggered the combat damage formula, brought back a few high-risk blacksmithing recipies, increased pet damage, and opened a new party room in the casino.


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