En Masse Entertainment is giving players free EMP for linking their console and PC TERA accounts


The folks at En Masse Entertainment want TERA players who play on both console and PC to link their accounts together, and they’re providing some nifty rewards for doing so. Players who link a PC TERA account to a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One account will receive the Terminus mount on their console accounts and the flying wolf mount Pink on their PC accounts.

But wait, there’s more! From now until November 8th, players who link their accounts will also receive a gift of 500 EMP to spend on the PC version’s in-game shop. There is one caveat, though: To qualify for the free EMP, the PC account being linked must have been created on or before Wednesday, October 24th. To link a console account to a PC En Masse profile, players will need to launch the game on their console of choice and select the “Link Account” option from the main menu.

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Jack Pipsam

500 EMP is pretty neat.