Lord of the Rings Online patches in a higher instance difficulty with Tier 3

Same horse?

Don’t content yourself with lower difficulties when you can really go for the gusto in Lord of the Rings Online. The latest patch introduces Tier 3 difficulty to replace the old T2C, and it should be challenging. Not so challenging you can’t manage it, of course; just challenging enough that you’ll need to pay attention in all of the enabled instances, which is all of the ones current as of Update 23. Get in there and really face the difficulty.

Or, if you’d rather, just get an Adventurer’s Steel-bound Lootbox with new cosmetic options and a higher item level. You could also just take on more Grey Mountains Expeditions, as solo activities now award more reputation and there are a number of fixes and improvements around that region. So even if you’re not really the challenging sort, there’s something in the patch to improve your experience. Unless you’re a Hunter, as the Endurance trait was accidentally giving them far too much evasion and has been corrected.

It’s worth noting that LotRO has been super active lately; Update 23 released just a little over two weeks ago, and we’ve gotten both the announcement of a new “legendary” server and the game’s holiday event in quick succession.