With 16 expansions under its belt, Path of Exile is celebrating its fifth birthday

Twist and shout.

Yesterday, Grinding Gear Games celebrated the five-year anniversary of its hit action-RPG Path of Exile, and to commemorate the occasion, the studio has published a letter that is equal parts a retrospective looking back on the game’s journey so far and an anticipation of the its future to come. The letter is also a sentimental one. It doesn’t simply celebrate the studio’s accomplishments in the five years since Path of Exile first went live — though there are plenty to celebrate, including the release of a whopping 16 expansions since the game’s launch; it also celebrates the people involved with the game, from the developers who pour their passion into creating the game to the community of players that has united around it. It’s a touching read, as these things go, and certainly worth a read for any Path of Exile fan.

On a less emotional note, the devs have also recently published a post announcing that when the next Path of Exile expansion and challenge league are announced “in about three weeks,” the current Delve supporter packs will be replaced with a new round of packs, so any players who still want to grab any of the Delve supporter packs should do so soon. There are four supporter packs available — two for $30 US and two for $60 — each of which contains its own array of contents, from cosmetics to forum flair, that will never be available through other means. If you think Path of Exile deserves the support of your hard-earned cash and you’d like to snag some of this league’s unique rewards, make sure to grab your supporter pack in the next few weeks.

We streamed POE last night in honor of the anniversary; you can peek at that below!

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5 years later and I still haven’t found my way off the starting beach


So that one direction they force you to go in the second you start, just follow the shore in that direction. It’s a linear path.


Similar. I stopped playing the game in Act 3. Never came back to finish it. Back then I had a clear idea of what the game is about. Now I see updates with the most confusing things, so I currently have no idea what the game is about anymore.

I try to believe it’s a Diablo 2 game with a lots of side activities to keep you busy.


After doing some research, it seems the main story is complete, I think I should play through it and decide if I should keep playing after that.


Meanwhile Diablo 3 got one, and it cost you $20. Unless you count Necromancer, but that costed money too.
Path of Exile? All free.

I’ve always been a big Diablo nerd, but PoE just does it better. Honestly, most games in this genre are doing it better.