Even PUBG MOBILE is getting in on Halloween in time for its real-life event this weekend


PUBG MOBILE has a big update out this week just ahead of Halloween, including some fresh Halloween-themed content and a real-world event on the docket.

“Players afraid of the dark are in for a treat, and a few tricks, with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG MOBILE) newest content update, available now on the App Store and Google Play. The 0.9.0 update delivers both tricks and treats to the more than 20 million daily active PUBG MOBILE players, with an all-new night mode on the Erangel map, as well as Halloween-themed in-game content, including new weapons and vehicles, balancing improvements and more.”

The update includes night mode in the Erangel map (best find yourself some night vision goggles), Halloween decorations (including “lootable scarecrow dead body crates,” which somehow sounds horrifying), matchmaking improvements, spectator mode, new crew challenges, a new rifle and pickup truck on the Sanhok map, performance tweaks, and balance changes to bullet-spread and crosshairs.

This weekend, PUBG Corp is hosting a big bash at Father Duffy Square in New York City – show up in person around noon EDT for your chance at loot!

Source: Press release, Google Play, official site, patch notes
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