Worlds Adrift’s new tutorial video helps you get into the game


Now that Worlds Adrift has set a course for PvE, the field has opened up for more people to enjoy this sky-faring sandbox. Considering how different this kind of game is from your normal MMO, it might be a little daunting for newcomers, which is why the dev team produced the first of a new series of tutorial videos to walk players through the ins and outs of Worlds Adrift.

In addition to this, the devs are tackling performance issues on the PvE server: “On Wednesday we had some Surprise Maintenance on the Kubo PvE Server. This was intended to fix some server lag issues (chests taking over 10 seconds to respond, items not reacting, etc),¬†HOPEFULLY¬†this has worked!”

And if you happen to be playing this early access title, Bossa Studios wouldn’t mind if you filled out a survey to provide some much-needed feedback for the game.