MMO Week in Review: Trion’s tribulations


It’s the end of an era for MMO players this week, as Gamigo bought Trion Worlds. Technically, it appears it bought Trion’s assets, specifically the MMORPGs, as a reported 175+ employees were laid off with only 25 left behind to… well, it’s hard to see how 25 people could do much more than serve as a transition team for six MMORPGs, and it’s still not entirely clear what will be happening to all of those games long-term, particularly ArcheAge.

But truly, this week had so many big stories and features that only something as big as Trion’s sunset could push them from the lede: We saw the announcement of progression servers for LOTRO, the launch of the troubled Red Dead Redemption 2, the return of Hellgate London, the rollout of Aion’s NGE, the formal launch of Bless Online, beta for Fallout 76, and a major win for the preservation of dead MMORPGs. And Halloween is this week!

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End of an era?

I guess the Dark Ages were a historical era too, weren’t they.

A Dad Supreme

“…the launch of the troubled Red Dead Redemption 2,”
This game is pretty good. Heavy on PvE as it should be with actual NPCs telling you stories and giving quests.

Perhaps Bethesda should buy a copy or two and pass it around the office to get some ideas….


This seems to be a pretty decent recap of the known knowledge so far with the Gamigo Trion stuff. Apparently the rumor of 25 employees has changed to 25 employees for each studio (Austin and Redwood), and some of the head or senior designers/directors are still employed.

A Dad Supreme

Hmm. Apparently, Dead Simon is … dead. Fired as well.

Reading that post shows just how clueless a lot of the Trion diehards are, especially the ones with the oldest start dates. Man, I used to butt heads with those people until I got banned there a while back. (before F2P)

Not one mention of Hartsman at all even though HE ran the company for the last five years or so, yet “Garbago”, blaming everyone else and “Gee, if only Lars was still around to run the company” haha!

Sometimes you read fan forums and realize fans deserve exactly what happens to them.. good, or in this case, bad.

These people would die for Trion and it’s pretty much exactly why the company took advantage of them over the last few years to where they had no freakin’ clue as to what was happening.


If Simon Ffinch got booted then that’s pretty sad considering he was one of the devs who genuinely cared deeply about the game. Doesn’t look like his LinkedIn has been updated, however, so who knows if he’s still looking for work or not. Pretty sure he isn’t literally dead though? As that would’ve likely been some significant news that people would have posted about.

But yeah Lars is the one who drove Trion into the poostorm in the first place. And I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still fans of the game, but yeah I couldn’t bother with the game after Trion’s monetization model was pretty much saying “your subscription is no longer good enough for us.”