Final Fantasy XI wants you to catch up in November

The stuff that you have, does someone have a claim on it?

You may not be caught up to all of the leveling you can do in Final Fantasy XI, but let’s be fair, there are more than 20 jobs with 99 levels to gain. That’s a lot of leveling to do. Maybe it would make more sense to wait until there’s a special event encouraging players to catch up, like… well, the one running from November 8th onward, in which experience points and capacity points both will flow like wine as you reap the benefit of doubled experience chains and doubled Dedication/Commitment effects.

That’s not all being increased, though; players will also see improvement to Wildskeeper Reives, Abyssea rewards, skill increases, and… well, basically every form of advancement. So if there are jobs you’ve been meaning to level or challenges you’ve yet to overcome, take advantage of the campaign starting on the 8th and get much further much faster.

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