Fractured ‘sprints’ toward pre-alpha test, shows off day/night cycle


For those suffering with MMO wanderlust this fall and looking for new territory to explore, Fractured might have a rather unique prospect available soon. The team behind this multi-format indie MMORPG said that it is “sprinting” toward a pre-alpha test right now.

Fractured’s pre-alpha will be a time-limited test that will take place in November, followed by the (hopeful) official release of Alpha 1 in December. While only 100 people will be invited into the pre-alpha, the Alpha 1 test will be much broader and include any people who purchase the $75 or higher pledge packs.

The team was also really excited to announce that it had joined the Improbable’s Games Innovation Program. This will give Fractured a publicity boost and allow for “large-scale deployments of the world” without paying for the memory, storage, and bandwidth on Improbable’s servers.

The team invited those interested in Fractured’s development to join the Discord channel and peruse “content pill” posts on the forums. Check out the day/night cycles available in the game below!

Source: Fractured. Thanks Luvly!
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