Gloria Victis update expands crafting system, adds Halloween event content


The folks at Black Eye Games recently released the latest update for their medieval sandbox Gloria Victis, and according to the patch notes, it’s “one of the largest Gloria Victis updates [they’ve] ever released.” The primary focus of the update is crafting, as it adds “a completely new type of crafting process and expands the crafting gameplay, adding more depth to it,” in addition to expanding player-built workshops by allowing players to place their own metallurgic furnaces.

In addition, the update also reworks many of the game’s crafting recipes, “adjusting them due to the introduction of player-built workstations for processing materials and removing various unnecessary materials and recipes in order to clarify the crafting processes.” Also included in the update is a handful of Halloween-related content, which takes place at a new, “Caribbean/pirate-themed” location. Players who take part in the festivities will be able to earn unique rewards, “including skins for a campfire and the top-tier furnace.” For all the details on the crafting update and new Halloween content, you can check out the full patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

Source: Patch Notes. Thanks, Kinya!
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